Thank you for the wonderful wedding celebration. The weather gods were kind to us and our guests had a fabulous time. The Neemrana hospitality lived up to its high excellence standards and we heard tons of compliments regarding your team from family and friends. A big thank you. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year!

 – Mansi & Nishith Chashmawala

Many a lingering courtship has hurried its decision to tie the knot at a romantic Neemrana non-hotel Hotel. In beautiful natural or historical sites the cosmos naturally connives to bless you. Several of them have actually gone on to marry in one of our properties – depending how public or private they wanted their wedding to be. You can charter the full Tijara Fort-Palace or a part of the property for your celebration – 21 rooms in Rani Mahal or 40 in the Aam Khas Mardana Mahal, ie a total of 60 rooms. 

The very private and spacious setting of Tijara Fort-Palace, overlooking the surrounding mustard fields and countryside with its vast hanging gardens, makes a picturesque venue for weddings.  The spacious terraced gardens are ideal to set up tents for wedding celebrations, while the Chattis-dari, the central pavilion with 36 doors can be used for a host of functions. A covered, sunken auditorium with an unusual stage can seat over 200 people. The two levels near the pool also make unforgettable venues.  

Celebrate your sacred moments with showers of flowers or meditative silence under a cosmic  sky. Tijara sits on a most magnificent hill surrounded by fields. Or ask our chefs for a Navaratra urge that your palate desires! The Rani and Mardana Mahals conveniently sleep over 145 which can be stretched  with extra beds for festivities and joyful occasions. Dancers and performers can entertain your guests as they enjoy authentic Rajasthani and North Indian delicacies laid out at the Hawa Mahal, on the Hanging Gardens or by the gigantic pool.