• Our conference & stay was a wonderful experience for one & all. I must appreciate the hospitality, courtesy and the agility of the entire staff to make our experience a WOW.

    Sumeet Anand

    Manager – Marketing
    Amway India
  • Thank you for the wonderful wedding celebration. The weather gods were kind to us and our guests had a fabulous time. The Neemrana hospitality lived up to its high excellence standards and we heard tons of compliments regarding your team from family and friends. A big thank you.     Thank you from the bottom of our hearts! Wishing you and your family a happy and prosperous new year! 

    Mansi & Nishith Chashmawala

  • A big thank you for your hospitality in Tijara , a wonderful achievement for you and Francis! It was such a pleasure to be there.

    Abhay Mangaldas

    Founder Director
    The House of MG, An Urban...
  • Tijara is really in safe hands. I can visualise that, after completion it's going to be one of the best heritage properties in Rajasthan.

    Gaj Singh

  • Convinced Tijara is not wonder... It is a Miracle... near Delhi. Cannot belive this as a restorer myself.

    Steve Borgia

    Indeco Hotels
  • I was humbled by not just the work you have done but more so by the love you have for the place. Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality by you and the tem – Neemrana.

    Shatrunjai and Bhavna Singh

  • A stupendous effort has been underway to give history a new interpretation… The basic decision was to use the hilly nature of the terrain to locate all the large-scale functions at such depths that they would not clutter the historic composition of the three historic buildings above the ground. The three historic buildings have been creatively restored and eclectically renewed with an eye for detail. Tijara teaches us how it’s not the relentless conservation of singular, old buildings but the creative use and adaptive reuse of a complex of historic buildings in their larger context that gives the best results.

    My Liveable City

    India + The Netherlands, 2015