The main Tijara, Jain temple in Alwar district, Rajasthan is dedicated to The eighth teerthankara, Chandra Prabhu Baghwan. It was established in 1956. The idol of Bhagwaan Chandra Prabhu is 15 feet in height and of white stone. There are two other idols – Baghwan Parshvanath and Baghwan Mahaveer.


The Tijara Jain temples are located at a distance of 3 kms from Tijara Fort-Palace. 


The entry to the Jain Temple is open to everyone. So non-Jains, tourists, and architecture enthusiasts are frequent visitors. There is one belief that every true prayer is fulfilled. There is another belief that the dust of the Kundli in this temple is the miraculous medicine of all diseases and sorrows.


Another famous Jain temple in Alwar, Rajasthan has Baghwan Parshvanath along with Bhaghwan Neminath as the main idols. This temple is famous for its attractive pinnacles.


There is also a village temple of Parashvanath Bhagwan nearby, which is a must visit temple. Now the newly constructed garden and a big idol of tirthankar Chandraprabhu is also ready in the Chatri Temple in Tijara.