Jaisamand Lake is located near Alwar & is one of the popular picnic spots. The lake presents an embankment of 1.5 kilometers for nice promenades. These banks also house shaded pavilions and lovely towers. These monuments are erected on lotus shaped bases with a height of 7 feet. It is believed that this lake was constructed to arrest the soak of waters from Ruparel River and is acclaimed as the second largest artificial lake in Asia. A large island in the middle of the lake, with verdant grasslands, presents an eye-catching spectacle to all the visitors.


This large artificial lake was constructed by Maharaja Jai Singh in 1910 AD. It is an excellent picnic spot, especially during the rainy season when the entire countryside turns lush green. A recently built Sunset Point is a perfect place for a panoramic view of the lake particularly in the evening. 

During the monsoon the surrounding  greenery makes it a visual treat. This place is easily accessible by road from Alwar. Jai Samand Lake is ideal for water sports. It makes a great angling site.